Your question: Does Red Tornado have a sidekick?

Does Red Tornado have a soul?

The League defeated Amazo and came back to help John, who was dying. … Red Tornado lost this body almost immediately, as there was a trace of Amazo programming still there. The League destroyed the body and this time put his soul into the League computer until they could build him a better body, free of bugs.

How Fast Is Red Tornado?

Tornado creation: Red Tornado could create destructive tornadoes, with wind speeds up to 350 mph, which were powerful enough to devastate an entire city.

Why are some tornadoes red?

Some of these factors include the direction and elevation of the sun, the surrounding cloud cover in the vicinity of the tornado, the direction from which it is seen with respect to the sun and any precipitation of cloud cover in the foregraound or background, what kind of surface the tornado is passing over (i.e. a …

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