What was the worst winter in Indiana?

How much snow did Indiana get in the Blizzard of 1978?

According to the National Weather Service, the Blizzard of ’78 set other records, including the most snow in one month in Indianapolis (30.6 inches) and the most snow on the ground in Indianapolis (20 inches, which included 5 inches already on the ground from a snowstorm the previous weekend).

What is the most snow ever recorded in Indiana?

These snowfall extremes were measured at Indianapolis International Airport and go back to 1948. Since then, the most amount of snow to land in one day at Indianapolis is 11.4 inches (29.0 centimetres) on January 5, 2014.

What year was the ice storm in Indiana?

January 2009 North American ice storm

Casualties 65 (35 in KY)
Damage At least $125 million
Power outages 1.3 million
Areas affected parts of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, and Kentucky
Part of the Winter storms of 2008–09

Has it snowed in July in Indiana?

Heavy snows fell in the Northeast in June and July. In other parts of the world there were terrific volcanic eruptions that continued from 1812 through 1815. During these years it has been recorded that the sun often appeared as a round copper disc in the sky.

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Why was the blizzard of 78 so bad?

The storm was formed from an extratropical cyclone off the coast of South Carolina on February 5. An Arctic cold front and a cold air mass then merged with the storm, creating the perfect ingredients for a large and intense low-pressure system.

Does Indiana have bad winters?


The Region (that’s the creatively named NW corner of the state bordering Lake Michigan, for the uninitiated) definitely gets the worst of it—without warning, a foot of snow will just decide to show up and punch everyone in the face.

Has it snowed in May Indiana?

The record for the latest sticking snow in Indianapolis is May 9 of 1923.

Has it ever snowed in April in Indiana?

As of Wednesday morning, Indianapolis recorded 2 inches of snow, breaking the record for most single-day snow this late in April, according to NWS Indianapolis. This is also the only time in April, this late in the year, that the city received more than a trace of snowfall.

What month has the most snow in Indiana?

The average snowfall in Indianapolis is 8.6 inches in January, 6.5 inches in February and 2.6 inches in March, according to the National Weather Service. The record for most snowfall in Indianapolis during a 24-hour period was 11.4 inches set in 2014, the NWS said.