What is the point of rain gutters?

Are rain gutters really necessary?

Gutters control the water that hits your roof, directing it into a single flow that moves away from your house. Without gutters, it’s possible that water runoff will build up around your home, getting into your foundation and causing water damage over time.

Why do some houses not have gutters?

Why Your House Might Not Have Gutters

Arid Environment — Homes in places like Arizona and Utah often don’t have gutters because there isn’t that much rain to protect against. While these climates might get a few heavy rains a season, it’s not enough to warrant the installation and upkeep that gutters require.

Are gutters worth the money?

Gutters redirect rainwater away from your house to protect it from soil erosion, which can damage your basement and destabilize the foundation of your home. So, gutters are a pretty big deal for your home. … In turn, the guards will then reduce your amount of gutter cleaning and will save you money in the long-term.

How do you divert rain without gutters?

Check them out.

  1. Rain Chains.
  2. Rain Dispersal Systems.
  3. Grading.
  4. Drip Edge.
  5. Ground Gutter or French Drain.
  6. Drip Path.
  7. Built-in Gutters.

Where should rain gutters be placed?

Rain gutters are positioned to extend just beyond the eaves of a roof to collect rain and hail runoff. They are placed on all sides of a home along the roof edge.

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