Which winds bring rainfall in Punjab during winter?

Which winds bring rain to Punjab in winter?

During the winter season, Punjab receives rainfall from temperate cyclones that originate from the Mediterranean Sea. These cyclones are not of great intensity.

Why does Punjab get rainfall in winter?

Punjab gets rainfall in the winter months due to the winter monsoons. The source of winter rainfall for Punjab is also the cyclonic rain received from western disturbances entering the Indian sub-continent from the North-west.

Which wind causes rainfall in winter?

The southern monsoon and northeast monsoon are the two winds that bring rainfall to Indian states in the winter season. The monsoon is a word that commonly defined as the wind systems characterized by the seasonal reversal of the direction.

What is the source of rainfall in Punjab and Haryana in winter season?

Western disturbance is an extratropical storm that originates from the Mediterranean region. This storm brings sudden winter rain to the northwestern parts of India such as the states of Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat, and Rajasthan.

Which winds bring heavy rain to Cherrapunji?

Therefore, Monsoon winds from the Southwest bring heavy precipitation to Cherrapunji.

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What are the three sources of rainfall in Punjab?

Three sources of rainfall in punjab is arabian sea branch, bay of bengal sea branch and western depression.

  • When southwest monsoon winds enter India, punjab gets rainfall from the arabian sea branch.
  • Due to western depression, punjab also receive rainfall in winter months.

How does Punjab get rainfall?

Answer : Punjab receives rainfall from three different sources- southwest monsoon, southeast monsoon, western disturbances. In winter, the reason for rain is western disturbances. … It is also known as pre-monsoon seasonal rainfall.

Why Northern Plains and Punjab receives winter cyclonic rain in winter?

(iii) The Northern plains and Punjab receive winter cyclonic rain in winter due to the western disturbances entering the Indian sub-continent from the North-west.

Why Mahabaleshwar receive more rainfall than Pune?

Since the Mahabaleshwar area is also the source of the Krishna river and feeds a lot of the channels that flow toward the windward side of the ghats, the runoff would have, no doubt, driven flooding in some of the low-lying areas along the west coast, as well as on the leeward side in places like Satara and Kohlapur.”

Which wind causes heavy rainfall in India during winter?

(ii) The rainfall received by India is largely due to the south-west monsoon winds. The duration of the monsoon is between 100 to 120 days. Hence, the bulk of rainfall received by the country is concentrated over a few months. (iii) During the winter season, north-east trade winds prevail over India.