Your question: Where is Hurricane Laura expected to make landfall?

Has Hurricane Laura made landfall?

Early on August 27, Laura made landfall near peak intensity on Cameron, Louisiana. Laura was the tenth-strongest U.S. hurricane that made landfall by windspeed on record. The effects of Laura across Louisiana were devastating. Nearly 10 foot high storm surge was recorded in Cameron Parish.

What is the strongest hurricane to make landfall?

Here are the strongest hurricanes to hit the U.S. mainland based on windspeed at landfall:

  • Labor Day Hurricane of 1935: 185-mph in Florida.
  • Hurricane Camille (1969): 175-mph in Mississippi.
  • Hurricane Andrew (1992): 165-mph in Florida.
  • Hurricane Michael (2018): 155-mph in Florida.

Will Hurricane Laura affect Dallas Texas?

The most severe impacts of the cyclone that made landfall as a category four hurricane won’t be felt in the Dallas-Fort Worth region, according to the National Weather Service. But the hurricane is anticipated to cause a rise in temperatures and possible thunderstorms in North Texas.

Where is the Huracan Laura now?

At 8 a.m. EDT (1200 UTC), the center of Hurricane Laura was located near latitude 31.2 degrees north and longitude 93.3 degrees west. That is about 20 miles (30 km) north of Fort Polk, Louisiana. Laura is moving toward the north near 15 mph (24 kph) and this motion should continue through the day.

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