Your question: How rare is a rainbow without rain?

Can a rainbow come without rain?

The rainbow without rain is possible, and means that there is a little moisture in the air or the sun is shining through the edge of a cloud. These sorts of clouds are caused by especially tiny ice crystals or water droplets in the air.

What does No rain No Rainbows mean?

The phrase “No Rain, No Rainbow” is taken as “If there is no rain, there is no rainbow, too”. It seems to be a Hawaiian proverb and seems to mean “there is a good time after a hard time”, “there is a hard time before a good time” or “you must try hard to get a good result”.

What are Sun dogs in the sky?

sun dog, also called mock sun or parhelion, atmospheric optical phenomenon appearing in the sky as luminous spots 22° on each side of the Sun and at the same elevation as the Sun. Usually, the edges closest to the Sun will appear reddish.

Is rainbow a circle?

Rainbows are actually full circles. The antisolar point is the center of the circle. Viewers in aircraft can sometimes see these circular rainbows. Viewers on the ground can only see the light reflected by raindrops above the horizon.

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