You asked: Who are sandstorms parents?

Who are sandstorms parents and siblings?

Redtail is her father and Brindleface is her mother. Ashfur and Ferncloud are her half brother and sister. She’s granddaughter to Adderfang and Swiftbreeze (Redtail’s parents) and Fuzzypelt and Robinwing (Brindleface’s parents).

Who was sandstorms mom?

Is Redtail Sandstorm’s father?

Sandstorm has SkyClan blood, because her father, Redtail, is Spottedleaf’s brother.

Did Redtail have kits?

He has SkyClan blood, because his sister is Spottedleaf. Male tortoiseshells are very rare, and it is even rarer that he fathered kits, since most males with this coat type are unable to mate.

Who is Graystripes father?

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