You asked: What happens when the rain descends in the form of showers *?

What does the rain do when it descends?

Answer: As the rain descends on the earth, it settles the dust on its way. It washes the earth, infuses life into the sepds, makes the earth clean and beautiful by generating life into the latent seeds.

What happens to the seed when rain comes down upon it?

The rain helps the seeds to germinate and grow into a new life. What is latent and unborn and why? The seeds are dormant and unborn because of lack of water which is needed for them to germinate and form a new plant.

What will happen if it doesn’t rain Voice of the rain?

Answer: If it doesn’t rain then Earth will remain parched, droughts will follow and the dust-layers will not be washed away. There will be nothing to quench the thirst of the plants and trees and their seeds will die. … In the poem, ‘The Voice of the Rain’, the poet describes how the rain falls on Earth.

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What will happen if it doesn’t rain Class 11?

Answer: The rain gives a new lease of life to the earth. … Without the showers of rain, all seeds lying hidden in the earth will not sprout and keep on lying inside as seeds. …

What does the rain descend and with what effect?

Rain descend in the form of shower. The rain cleanses the earth and makes it more beautiful because without it the earth would have been dry and barren.

How does the rain describe herself in the poem the voice of the rain?

♠ ANSWER : The rain describes herself in the poem ” THE VOICE OF THE RAIN” as the ” POEM OF THE EARTH” which gives happiness to everything and quenches the thirst and relish the drought prone areas.

What is referred to as the origin of the rain?

Answer: The sky is the place of origin of rain.

What does the shower of rain tell the poet?

The rain says that she can’t be touched and rises up as vapour out of land. Up in the sky, She changes her form and become cloud but doesn’t change its core existence and that stays same. She completing her cycle come back to Earth again, showering the land and keep rising up always.

What changes does the rain bring on the earth?

Answer: Rain water rises untouched out of the land and deep sea and gathers in the sky, where it changes form, and then comes down to earth to bathe the dry tiny particles of dust layers and all that lies buried under it. … The water flows back through rivers to the seas and oceans.

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How does the rain become the voice of Earth?

the rain became the voice of the earth because it provides us with all necessity such as water . nothing will grow on the earth if there is no rain . the earth will not sustain if there is no rain .

Why does the poet compares rain with a song?

The poet compare the rain with a song. The poet draws similarities between rain and music observing that the life-cycle of rain and song are alike. Both are perpetual in nature. Similarly, rain originates from the earth, and after fulfilling its tasks, returns to its own origin only to spread beauty, purity and love.

What does the voice of the rain say in the poem?

The poet says that the rain returns to its birth place (the Earth) making complete its cycle. It does not care whether anybody pays heed or not, rain continuously does her own work. Personification: Although rain is non living thing yet the poet treats it like living thing.