Why is the hurricane heist rated PG 13?

Is Hurricane heist OK for kids?

Not suited for kids under 12.

Why is the hurricane rated R?


For language and some violence.

Is Hurricane heist a good movie?

The film can be cheesy with its action and get ridiculous with any realism of this hurricane. But its all pure stupid fun that is suppose to entertain which is what it did. Toby Kebbell and Ryan Kwanten were okay with their characters. … Overall, The Hurricane Heist is a good action film.

How much did it cost to make hurricane heist?

The film was released on March 9, 2018, received negative reviews and was a box-office bomb, making just $32 million against its estimated $35 million budget.

The Hurricane Heist
Budget $35–40 million
Box office $32.5 million
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