Why is Lucia no longer on snowfall?

Did Lucie leave snowfall?

What happened to Lucia on Snowfall? The truth is, we don’t know. Actress Emily Rios, who plays Lucia, is no longer listed as a main cast member on the show’s official website and she isn’t appearing in any upcoming episodes according to her IMDb page.

What happened to melody in snowfall?

The episode’s final scene sees him confront Melody Wright, his former childhood crush, for the first time after she shot him in the back multiple times and left him for dead in the third season finale. … Melody shot Franklin because she suspected Franklin had shot and killed her father, police sergeant Andre Wright.

What did Lucia find in her hair?

He closes the trunk and the trio walk away. At the safehouse, Lucia cleans herself up while Pedro sits on the ground thinking about how they were able to pull off taking out Enrique. Lucia then reaches in the back of her hair and pulls out some kind of metal object covered in blood.

Are Lucia and Pedro related?

He is the cousin of Lucia Villanueva, and they had a plan to start operating a cocaine empire outside the Cartel, especially with the money he and Lucia hired El Oso to steal from his father, Ramiro.

Why did Franklin Saint leave his cane?

He doesn’t need to be 10 steps ahead anymore. Now he can just focus on the business. And he realizes in that moment that he’s come full circle. That’s why it was special putting down that cane.”

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Was Franklin Saint faking his injury?

Just as he exited her, he paused, reached at his side only to set his cane down, and walk away without a limp. This means he was faking the handicap this whole time or he recovered at some point and paraded as if he was still injured.

Is Skully dead?

Jerome noticed Skully was already a little weak, because he was bleeding out from being previously shot by Alton. Skully ultimately dies on the hospital floor.