Why is Chandigarh unlikely to be affected by a cyclone Class 7?

What are the necessary conditions for the development of a cyclone Class 7?

Answer: Factors like wind speed, wind direction, temperature and humidity contribute to the development of cyclones.

Why do umbrellas turn up when the wind is fast Class 7 Ncert?

When strong/high-speed wind blows, an umbrella held upright at times gets upturned. … Umbrella upturns because the high-speed water passing through the umbrella creates low pressure.

Which property of air is responsible for disturbing the balance of the bags and how?

As the air heats up, the particles in the air move further apart from each other. Therefore, hot air is light and rises upwards, causing a disturbance in the balance of the bags.

Is Chandigarh unlikely to be affected by a cyclone?

Chandigarh is most unlikely to be affected by cyclone because it is not near to coastal line and has no sea or ocean near it, as it is surrounded by other states.

Which one of the following place is unlikely to be affected by a cyclone in India?

The city of Amritsar is located far off from the coastal regions and hence is not likely to be affected by a cyclone.

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What are the disadvantages of cyclones 7th class?

The following are the disadvantages of cyclones: It causes flooding of seas. The results of cyclones are large scale destruction of life and property. It could be the cause of spreading of diseases.

What are the destruction caused by cyclone Class 7?

Destruction by Cyclones

Cyclone hit areas result in loss of life, property, communication and transportation systems. Cyclones cause a wall of water to move from sea towards shores resulting in destruction. Cyclones also bring heavy rainfalls which could lead to flood situations.

What are the destruction caused by cyclone?

Very strong winds may damage installations, dwellings, communication systems, trees., etc. resulting in loss of life and property. Heavy and prolonged rains due to cyclones may cause river floods and submergence of low lying areas by rain causing loss of life and property.

How are thunderstorms different from cyclone?

Thunderstorm is a high-speed wind which accompanied by heavy-rain fall, lightening and thunder. Cyclones are low-pressure system with high wind speeds formed. In it wind moves in circle around the center of low-pressure.