Why does Zelda keep raining?

How do I get it to stop raining in Zelda?

Wait or Sleep

The simplest way to make the rain stop is to either sleep in an Inn or wait at a campfire and let the rain pass by. If you have firewood, simply get under some shelter, then use a fire-type weapon to ignite a campfire, before choosing how long to wait.

What happens when it rains in Botw?

In Breath of the Wild, rain will randomly occur in warmer regions. Rain makes climbing surfaces become slick, which makes them difficult to climb as Link will periodically slip and fall. Rain will immediately extinguish any exposed fires, with the exception of Ancient Flames.

Is Zoras domain always raining?

There are some areas in the game where rain can be very persistent. As mentioned, Zora’s Domain and the river leading up to it are both plagued by constant rainfall up until the point where you restore the Divine Beast in that region. There’s also a lot of rain in the forest to the south.

What do you do during a thunderstorm Botw?

Always keep a wooden weapon, bow and shield on hand, even if they’re not as good as your other gear. This is for one simple reason: Lightning strikes and it strikes hard in this game. If you’re equipped with a metal weapon, shield or bow you’ll notice Link starts to crackle with electricity during a lightning storm.

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Can you change weather in Botw?

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will allow you to pass time if you need to skip ahead from inclement weather to certain event times. While you could change weather, switch from day to night and make other changes simply by using the Ocarina in prior games, it’s a little more difficult this time around.

How long does weather last in breath of the wild?

Pretty sure weather changes every 4 hours assuming you don’t change areas. Yep. If you want sunny weather, go to the Desert or Death Mountain.

Can you make a fire in the rain Botw?

Climbing in the rain is just not really an option for a lot of the game. Typically, you’re best off finding a dry alcove to start a fire so you can pass some time and wait out the rain. … If you have a fire sword or a similar weapon, you can start a fire with just wood.