Why do we have winter Readworks?

What is the main idea of this passage Tis the season?

The main ideas behind the phrase ’tis the season are the sentiments of jolliness and good will.

What causes the seasons reading passage?

Earth’s tilted axis causes the seasons.

Why is there no winter or summer at the equator?

At the equator there are no seasons because each day the Sun strikes at about the same angle. Every day of the year the equator receives about 12 hours of sunlight. The poles remain cool because they are never tilted in a direct path of sunlight.

Why does it get colder when the sun comes up in the winter?

Once the sun comes up, the sunlight excites the cold air in the first foot or so above the ground (which can be 10 or more degrees colder), which causes it to move around and mix into the next several feet of air. That “mixing upward” drops the temperature of the air at thermometer level.

Why does Christmas make me so nostalgic?

Batcho: People feel more nostalgic during the holidays because many memories are reawakened and relationships renewed. During the holidays, families and friends get together to celebrate and reconnect; they get caught up on one another’s lives, reminisce and browse through old photographs.

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Is Tis the season only for Christmas?

The simple answer is that it is the season, as in, it is the time of the year that is also known broadly as the holiday season and more narrowly as the Christmas season. The statement “‘Tis the season” is simply a way of drawing focus to the festive time of year when it’s currently underway.

What Tis the season means?

Meaning of ‘Tis the season

‘Tis the Season is often used to indicate that it’s a particular time of year. The “season” in this phrase refers to the time of year that spans from late November, after American Thanksgiving, to January 6.