Why did Alex Acuña leave Weather Report?

What happened to the group Weather Report?

Weather Report then recorded Domino Theory and Live in Japan in 1984, Sportin’ Life in 1985, and the finale album This Is This! in 1986. By February 1986, Shorter left the band, and Zawinul dissolved the band in 1987. Many video, compilation and live albums were released after the breakup of the band.

Did Chick Corea play with Weather Report?

They were co-leaders of Weather Report during the ‘Fusion Era’ in the 70s. Weather Report, Return to Forever and Mahavishnu Orchestra were 3 of the big touring groups at that time. Amazing musicians and great friends.” Rest in peace, Chick.

Why was Jaco Pastorius beaten to death?

Police said the troubled Pastorius was beaten when he tried to enter an after-hours club known as Midnight. Pastorius had been banned from the club because of erratic behavior in recent years, police said.

Was Jaco Pastorius homeless?

Unfortunately, in 1987, the 35-year-old Pastorius — homeless and living in a park — died from the results of a vicious, barehanded beating by a nightclub manager that put him in a coma.

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