Which states were most affected by Hurricane Katrina?

What state was most affected by Katrina?

Of all the states that were hit, Louisiana and Mississippi were the two states that were affected the most by this storm, with the city of New Orleans being particularly devastated.

Who was affected in Hurricane Katrina?

Due to the city’s social and economic composition, the storm impacted heavily on the poor and African Americans. CRS estimates that one-fifth of those displaced by the storm were likely to have been poor, and 30% had incomes that were below 1½ times the poverty line.

Where is Hurricane Katrina located?

Is hurricane Ida worse than Katrina?

The energy of Katrina’s entire surface wind field – called integrated kinetic energy – was three times greater than Ida. Katrina, which made landfall on the same date as Ida, 16 years earlier, had hurricane force winds extending out more than 90 miles from the center, and tropical force winds to more than 200 miles.

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