Which safety precaution should be taken first buy a boat operator when boating in stormy weather?

What to do if you’re on a boat in a storm?

Is Your Boat in Storm Conditions? We’ve Got 6 Tips to Get You Out

  1. Put on Life Jackets and Harnesses. …
  2. Stow Unneeded Objects and Gear. …
  3. Close Windows and Latches. …
  4. Stay Away From Metal. …
  5. Slow Down the Boat. …
  6. Steer Your Boat in a 45-Degree Angle toward the Docking Area. …
  7. Jet Dock Provides the Safest Way to Dock During Bad Weather.

What should a boat do in a storm?

If already caught in a storm, it may be best to ride it out in open water rather than try to approach a shore or harbour in heavy wind and high waves. Head the bow into the waves at a 45-degree angle. PWCs should head directly into the waves. Keep a sharp lookout for other boats, debris, shoals, or stumps.

What is the first thing you should do after retrieving a boat onto a trailer quizlet?

What is the first thing you should do after retrieving a boat onto a trailer? Pull the trailer well away from the boat ramp. Where should portable gasoline tanks be filled?

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What is the first action that the boat operator?

Step 1) Ensure that everyone is wearing a life jacket or PFD. Step 2) Visually and/or verbally confirm that all passengers are present and accounted for. Step 3) Determine if there are other craft in the vicinity that may offer assistance. Step 4) Determine if there is any danger of being hit by another boat.

What precaution should anglers and hunters?

Safety Tips for Anglers and Hunters

  • Wear a PFD at all times while on the water. Wearable PFDs come in a variety of styles, including camouflage vests and float coats.
  • Remember that cold water can be a killer. When fishing or hunting on cold water, dress in several layers under your PFD.

What is a critical step to take before launching your boat?

PREPARING FOR LAUNCH Find a quiet spot in the parking lot away from the launch lane traffic. Some ramps provide lanes to “prep” the boat for the water (“make ready” area). Remove all tie-downs except the winch hook attached to the bow eye of the boat. Remove any outboard or stern-drive tie-downs or supports.

What should you do first if your boat runs aground?

If Your Boat Runs Aground

  1. Don’t put the boat in reverse. Instead, stop the engine and lift the outdrive.
  2. Shift the weight to the area farthest away from the point of impact.
  3. Try to shove off from the rock, bottom, or reef with a paddle or boathook.
  4. Check to make sure your boat is not taking on water.

What safety precaution should you take when hunting from a boat quizlet?

What safety precaution should you take when hunting from a boat? Always remain seated while shooting. Have your dog stand on the bow for faster retrieval. Lower the anchor slowly from the side of the boat.

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What precaution should be taken on board a vessel during a lightning storm?

If there is lightning, unplug all electrical equipment. Stay low in the boat and away from metal objects. Head the bow of the boat into waves at a 45-degree angle. This will keep the boat in the most stable position.

What should you do when operating a boat in large waves and high wind quizlet?

When operating a boat in large waves and high wind you should direct the boat head-on or at a slight angle into the waves whilst reducing your speed. Don’t approach large waves at the beam of your boat, as this can lead to a capsize.