Which region gets rainfall mostly in winter?

Which region get mostly rainfall in winter?

Kerela and Tamil Nadu are the parts of India which recieve winter rainfall because these are the coastal regions found in the South which is affected by Western disturbances.

In which region has winter rains?

Mediterranean tropical land has winter rains.

Which Indian region gets rainfall during winter?

Kerala and Tamil Nadu are the two regions in India where we experience winter rainfall. This is caused due to western disturbances in the south.

Which place receives rainfall in winter?

(i) Indo-Gangetic Plain receives rain in winter. Due to the temperate cyclones coming from the Mediterranean Sea these cyclonic rains are beneficial to crops of wheat and barley. (ii) Chennai Coast and parts of Tamil Nadu from the winter monsoon.

What is winter rainfall?

Winter rainfall is locally known as Mahawat.

Why the Northern Plains and Punjab receive winter cyclonic rain in winter?

(iii) The Northern plains and Punjab receive winter cyclonic rain in winter due to the western disturbances entering the Indian sub-continent from the North-west.

Which regions receive heavy rainfall?

The regions of highest rainfall are found in the equatorial zone and the monsoon area of Southeast Asia. Middle latitudes receive moderate amounts of precipitation, but little falls in the desert regions of the subtropics and around the poles. Global distribution of mean annual rainfall (in centimetres).

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Which region of India receives most of its rainfall in winter months *?

Tamil Nadu which is on the ‘southeastern coast of India’ receives rainfall in winter through retreating monsoon season.

Does rainfall occur in winter?

Winter rainfall quantity is often reported bigger than it is in summer, however. This portion of the land lies in the shadow of the rain. Therefore the Western Ghats, during the south-west monsoon season, i.e. in summer, does not receive much rainfall.

Why does South East India receive rainfall in winter?

During this season, the sub-tropical westerly jet streams blowing south of the Himalayas bring in cyclonic disturbances from the Mediterranean region. These cause winter rains over the plains and snowfall in the mountains.