Which of these is the most powerful force of weathering and erosion?

What is the most powerful erosional force in the desert after water?

Wind is a stronger erosional force in arid regions than it is in humid regions because winds are stronger. In humid areas, water and vegetation bind the soil so it is harder to pick up. In arid regions, small particles are selectively picked up and transported.

Which type of weathering is most effective?

Frost weathering is the most important form of physical weathering. Next in importance is wedging by plant roots, which sometimes enter cracks in rocks and pry them apart.

What is the most common and powerful agent of erosion Brainly?

Water– the most COMMON agent of erosion on Earth. The action of moving water (by gravity) wears away rock, soil and sand. Rivers, streams, ocean waves are examples. Ice- the MOST POWERFUL agent of erosion on Earth.

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