Which is an example of chemical weathering quizlet?

What is chemical weathering quizlet?

Chemical weathering is the breakdown of rock by chemical processes. … Water, air, and chemicals released by organisms cause chemical weathering of rocks when they dissolve the minerals in a rock. They can also cause chemical weathering by reacting chemically with the minerals in the rock to form new substances.

What is an example of weathering quizlet?

Weathering is the wearing away of the surface of rock, soil, and minerals into smaller pieces when when rocks are broken down by both physical and chemical changes. *Example of weathering: Wind and water cause small pieces of rock to break off at the side of a mountain, rocks, even statues.

Are sinkholes an example of chemical weathering explain?

Sinkholes are examples of chemical weathering. They are formed when carbonate rocks such as limestone, as well as salt beds are eroded by the water,…

What is the best definition of chemical weathering?

Definition. Chemical weathering may be defined as the spontaneous and irreversible thermodynamic process that causes degradation of the mineral phases under the prevailing environmental conditions at the surface of the Earth.

Which is an agent of chemical weathering?

Water, and many chemical compounds found in water, is the main agent of chemical weathering. Feldspar, one of the most abundant rock-forming minerals, chemically reacts with water and water-soluble compounds to form clay. Water contains many weak acids such as carbonic acid.

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Which is an example of mechanical weathering Brainly?

Answer: Examples of mechanical weathering include frost and salt wedging, unloading and exfoliation, water and wind abrasion, impacts and collisions, and biological actions. All of these processes break rocks into smaller pieces without changing the physical composition of the rock.

Which of these is the best example of physical weathering?

The correct answer is (a) the cracking of rock caused by the freezing and thawing of water.