Where did the tornado hit in Onalaska Texas?

What time did tornado hit Onalaska TX?

On April 22, a tornado touched down on the west coast of Lake Livingston in San Jacinto County. It crossed the lake and struck the city of Onalaska and continued across much of Polk County.

April 22, 2020 Onalaska Tornado.

Date April 22, 2020
Time (Local) 5:35 – 6:15 PM, CDT
EF Rating EF-3
Est. Peak Winds 140 mph
Path Length 32 miles

Where did the tornado touch down last night in Texas?

The 659-yard-wide tornado crossed Interstate 35E south of Waxahachie. EF-0 tornadoes touched down in Johnson and Collin counties. Copyright 2021 KWTX. All rights reserved.

What Texas town was hit by tornado?

Twenty years ago, one of the deadliest storms ever hit the town of Jarrell, Texas. May 27, 1997 forever changed that town. The storm killed 27 people, 13 of them children.

What size tornado hit Onalaska TX?

Onalaska was struck by a F2 tornado on May 1, 1967. The tornado unroofed a combined store and post office ripped out its rear wall injuring two people. The town was hit again by an even stronger EF3 tornado on April 22, 2020, which damaged many homes, killed three people, and injured 33 others.

How big was the tornado that hit Onalaska Texas?

According to the NWS, the tornado was on the ground 32 miles. Its estimated peak wind speed was 140 mph, and at its widest, it was 1,100 yards wide.

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How many tornadoes did Texas have in 2021?

Here are the 10 states with the highest numbers of tornadoes: Texas (155) Kansas (96) Florida (66)

Tornado Alley States 2021.

State Average Annual Number of Tornadoes 2021 Pop.
Texas 155 29,730,311
Kansas 96 2,917,224
Florida 66 21,944,577
Oklahoma 62 3,990,443