Where did the land hurricane hit Iowa?

What states did the derecho hit?

The derecho traveled for 700 miles, impacting 10 states and Washington, D.C. The hardest hit states were Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, and Maryland, as well as Washington, D.C. The winds generated by this system were intense, with several measured gusts exceeding 80 mph.

When was the last time a derecho hit Iowa?

Recap of the historic derecho of August 10th, 2020. CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (Iowa’s News Now) — In just five hours, thunderstorms raced across the state of Iowa, gaining strength considerably, becoming the costliest thunderstorm in U.S. history.

Has Iowa ever had a derecho?

A severe weather event which took place from August 10–11, 2020 across the Midwestern United States and portions of southwestern Ontario. The derecho caused notably high wind speeds of up to 126 mph recorded in Iowa, with post-damage assessments of up to 140 mph in some places.

Why do they call it derecho?

“Derecho” is a Spanish word meaning “direct” or “straight ahead;” Hinrichs coined it to distinguish straight-line wind damage from that produced by tornadoes.

When was the last derecho storm to form in the United States?

A long-lived line of severe storms known as a “derecho” produced severe wind damage across portions of South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio on Monday, August 10, 2020.

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