Where did Hurricane Rita hit?

Where did Hurricane Rita hit landfall?

Rita made landfall in extreme southwestern Louisiana, near the Texas border, as a Category 3 hurricane with top winds of 115 mph (185 km/h) on September 24.

What places did Hurricane Rita hit?

Rita produced significant storm surge that devastated coastal communities in southwestern Louisiana, and its winds, rain, and tornadoes caused fatalities and a wide swath of damage from eastern Texas to Alabama. Additionally, Rita caused floods due to storm surge in portions of the Florida Keys.

What was the route of Hurricane Rita?

What was the path of Hurricane Rita? However, it weakened to a Category 3 hurricane before making landfall in Johnson’s Bayou, Louisiana, between Sabine Pass, Texas and Holly Beach, Louisiana, with winds of 115 mph (185 km/h).

How many homes did Hurricane Rita destroy?

Damage to the agriculture, forestry and fishing industries was estimated to reach $593 million. —Housing Damage: More than 23,600 homes were deemed severely damaged or destroyed in southwest Louisiana and southeast Texas, while another 39,000 had roof damage and received FEMA’s blue tarps.

Was hurricane Ida worse than hurricane Katrina?

Ida hit land at Port Fourchon — only 80 kilometers (50 miles) west of Katrina’s landing — with sustained winds maxing out at 240 kpm (150 mph). It was the fifth-strongest hurricane to hit the continental United States. By comparison, Katrina made landfall with maximum sustained winds of 200 kpm (125 mph).

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