Where did Hurricane Laura land?

Could Hurricane Laura hit Texas?

Hurricane Laura intensifies and is close to becoming Category 5 hurricane. … The storm, currently a Category 4 hurricane, is expected to hit land just east of the Texas-Louisiana border by Thursday morning, according to the National Weather Service.

Was Lake Charles affected by Hurricane Laura?

Emotionally, I think everybody’s just battered and worn down right now,” Lake Charles resident Kerry Anderson told NBC affiliate KPRC2. Her home was badly damaged in late August by the powerful Category 4 Hurricane Laura.

Where did the hurricane make landfall in Louisiana?

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) reported the hurricane made landfall at approximately 12:55 p.m. EDT near Port Fouchon, Louisiana, just shy of the 157 mph needed to classify the hurricane as a category five storm—but still one of the strongest storms in U.S. history, the Associated Press reports.

Where did the hurricane hit Louisiana?

August 27, 2020 – Hurricane Laura, as a high-end Category 4 hurricane, made landfall near the Louisiana–Texas border in Cameron Parish and simultaneously tied the 1856 Last Island hurricane as the strongest tropical cyclone ever to make landfall in Louisiana with maximum sustained winds of 150 mph.

When did Hurricane Delta make landfall in Louisiana?

Storm surge in Lake Charles as Hurricane Delta makes landfall in Louisiana on Friday, October 9.

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