When was the last hail storm in Frisco TX?

What was the largest hailstone in Frisco TX?

Frisco Hail Summary

The largest report of hail near Frisco was 4.50 inches about 2 years ago.

When did Houston have a hail storm?

06/15/2021 Hail Reports

Date City
Details 06/15/2021 6:00 P houston
quarter size hail. (hgx)
Details 06/15/2021 5:58 P houston
report from mping: quarter (1.00 in.). (hgx)

When was the last hail storm in Cypress Texas?

04/19/2020 Hail Reports

Date Size
Details 04/19/2020 9:22 A 1.00 inches
Details 04/19/2020 9:48 A 1.50 inches
Details 04/19/2020 9:42 A 1.00 inches
report from mping: quarter (1.00 in.). (hgx)

What do you do in a severe thunderstorm warning?

If a severe thunderstorm warning is issued, take shelter in a substantial building or in a vehicle with the windows closed. Get out of mobile homes that can blow over in high winds.

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