When was last hurricane in Bermuda?

Is Bermuda prone to hurricanes?

Bermuda is usually quite well protected by its reefs but high waves on top of a storm surge can cause problems in low lying areas close to the sea. Hurricanes are not as prevalent here as in the Caribbean, but they do occasionally visit our island once every seven years or so.

What is hurricane season in Bermuda?

Hurricane season in Bermuda is from June to November. As per the historical records, September and October are the months when most hurricanes have struck Bermuda in the past. Usually, hurricanes in Bermuda are not as frequent or dangerous as in the Caribbean islands. They hit the US coast more than they hit Bermuda.

Is the Bermuda High weakening?

The Bermuda high has gone into what is known as its “fluctuation mode” a bit sooner than usual, which is when the system weakens and strengthens. This early fluctuation mode has been the cause for three landfalls along the East coast already in the 2020 season.

Does Bermuda have natural disasters?

The hurricane season in Bermuda normally runs from June to November. You should monitor the progress of storms on the Bermuda Weather Service and National Hurricane Centre websites, and follow the advice of the local authorities.

What is the rainy season in Bermuda?

Unlike other island destinations, Bermuda has no rainy season.

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