When did the big drops of rain began to fall?

When did it start raining in a letter to God?

Answer: The rain started when Lencho and her family was having their lunch. HOPE IT HELPS U .

Who predicted big rain drops *?

Lencho had predicted, big drops of rain began to fall. In the north-east huge mountains of clouds could be seen approaching.

How long did the hail rain answer?

Answer: The hail rained for more than one hour.

Was the rain really a blessing?

Was the rain really a blessing? Answer: No, the rain proved to be a curse.

What destroyed Lencho’s fields?

After a sudden gust of wind had begun to blow, and huge hailstones began to fall along with the rain. Thus the rain changed. The hailstones destroyed Lencho’s field.

How did Lencho describe the rain drops?

Lencho is a “farmer”, and he depends on rain for farming. He compares the raindrops with the new coins because the raindrops help him to grow and harvest the crops and it will also help Lencho to get more money which in turn enriches his lifestyle.

When did the very large hailstones begin to fall?

That year he was hoping to get a good harvest but all his land needed was some rain. Soon his wish came true and it started raining. To his content it was raining normally but after some time a strong wind begin to blow and huge hailstones begin to fall that ruined all his crops.

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What was the only one hope of Lencho?

Lencho’s only hope was the help of God. He believed that God sees everything. God can see deep into one’s conscience.