When did Hurricane Laura hit Louisiana?

What cities did Hurricane Laura hit in Louisiana?

Edwards said none of the deaths were in extreme southwest Louisiana, where the hurricane came ashore as a powerful Category 4 storm. Instead, they were in Vernon, Jackson and Acadia parishes, all north or northeast of the area where Laura made landfall early Thursday morning.

What hurricane hit Louisiana after Laura?

Hurricane Sally and Tropical Storm Beta both hit the Gulf Coast after Laura — Sally prompted evacuations and caused flooding in a region stretching from New Orleans to Florida, and Beta slammed into Texas and caused heavy rain and wind across Louisiana.

How has Hurricane Laura impacted the state of Louisiana?

The effects of Hurricane Laura in Louisiana were extensive and historic. … Within Louisiana, the storm killed 33 people and caused around $17.5 billion in damage. Laura brought extremely high winds that ripped roofs off houses and brought a storm surge of up to 18 feet (5.5 m) to areas in Cameron Parish.

How many homes were damaged in Hurricane Laura?

The American Red Cross estimates that about 8,000 homes were destroyed in Louisiana and Texas as a result of Hurricane Laura. Many of those whose homes were not destroyed in the storm were left without water and power for an extended period of time.

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How many storms have hit Louisiana this year?

In total, five named storms struck Louisiana in 2020. As the state still reels from the destruction, another significant hurricane is now barreling toward the coast.

What is the name of the hurricane that hit Louisiana?

Hurricane Katrina

Category 5 major hurricane (SSHWS/NWS)
Hurricane Katrina at peak intensity in the Gulf of Mexico on August 28
Areas affected Bahamas South Florida, Central Florida and the Florida Panhandle Cuba Louisiana (especially Greater New Orleans) Mississippi Alabama most of the Eastern United States Eastern Canada

Has Louisiana ever had a Category 5 hurricane?

Hurricane Ida was close to becoming just the fifth hurricane to hit the US as a Category 5 storm. Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana Sunday, battering the region with winds so rough that it was tied for the fifth-strongest hurricane to ever strike the US.