What year was the Xenia Ohio tornado?

What was the biggest tornado in Ohio?

The 1924 Lorain–Sandusky tornado was a deadly F4 tornado which struck the towns of Sandusky and Lorain, Ohio on Saturday, June 28, 1924.

1924 Lorain–Sandusky tornado.

Duration June 28, 1924
Tornadoes confirmed ≥6
Max. rating1 F4 tornado
Casualties ≥85-90 fatalities, ≥350 injuries

When was the last big tornado in Ohio?

The last confirmed tornado in Ohio was Sept. 7, a weak EF0 in Delaware County that knocked down trees and damaged roofs. Ohio recorded 58 tornadoes in 2019. The most powerful was the EF4 Memorial Day tornado across Montgomery County that accounted for 166 of the 180 tornado injuries that year.

Has there ever been an F6 tornado?

There is no such thing as an F6 tornado, even though Ted Fujita plotted out F6-level winds. The Fujita scale, as used for rating tornados, only goes up to F5. Even if a tornado had F6-level winds, near ground level, which is *very* unlikely, if not impossible, it would only be rated F5.

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