What year was it when it snowed in April?

Who wrote sometimes it rains in April?

Who was Tracy Prince?

Tracy J. Prince, PhD, a professor at Portland State University, is the author of Portland’s Goose Hollow and Culture Wars in British Literature and coauthor of Portland’s Slabtown.

Who sang it’s snow in April?

Who did Prince write Sometimes It Snows in April for?

The ballad recounts memories of Christopher Tracy, the character Prince portrayed in 1986’s Under the Cherry Moon, and is played in the film in the wake of Tracy’s sudden death. According to the duo, the song was recorded on April 21, 1985 — exactly 31 years prior to the day of Prince’s own passing.

Why does it snow in April?

It makes the air want to move around a lot more, and rising air means more cloud, which means more rain. Over the last couple of days the air has been cold enough to make sure that what’s coming from the heavy showers is snow.

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