What was the last hurricane that hit Jamaica?

When was the last hurricane that hit Jamaica?

2018 marked the 30th year since Hurricane Gilbert, considered the most destructive hurricane in Jamaican history, landed on September 12, 1988. This was the first hurricane to hit Jamaica directly since Hurricane Charlie in 1951. Older people still refer to the island in terms of before and after Gilbert.

How many times has Jamaica been hit by a hurricane?

In the past 61 years, only 6 major hurricanes have hit Jamaica. This includes: 1951 Charlie, August 17. 1963 Flora, October 5-7.

When was the first hurricane in Jamaica?

The earliest reference to a hurricane in Jamaica dates back to 1559, when a hurricane caused severe damage to the island’s infrastructure. Highlighted below are some hurricanes/tropical storms that have affected Jamaica since the 18th century.

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