What was the effect of Hurricane ETA?

How did Hurricane ETA affect Cuba?

Cayman Islands and Cuba

Power outages became widespread across the islands with tropical-storm force winds causing damage to power lines. Eta bought heavy rainfall in areas already dealing with overflowing rivers. Coastal zones in Cuba were also flooded and about 25,000 people were forced to evacuate.

What damage did ETA do to Florida?

Tropical Storm Eta walloped South Florida with wind and rain, downing power lines, tipping trees and trapping some people in cars with flooding that has left entire streets and parking lots underwater. As Eta dumped up to nearly 14 inches in parts of the region, it was a horrific ordeal for some residents.

What did Hurricane ETA destroy?

In the short span of two weeks, Central America has been battered by two category 4 hurricanes: Hurricane Eta made landfall Nov. 3 and Iota in the early hours of Nov. 17. Both storms brought extreme winds and heavy rains that have destroyed roads, homes and entire villages in Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala.

How did Hurricane ETA affect Central America?

Eta & Iota’s impact adding to existing crises

Flooding and landslides damaged or destroyed homes and infrastructure in south-eastern Mexico, parts of Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama, nearly all of Honduras and parts of northern Colombia.

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Where did Hurricane ETA damage?

The extreme rainfall associated with Eta caused catastrophic flash flooding, river flooding, and deadly landslides across the region. Flooding or landslides contributed to at least 74 deaths in Honduras, 60 in Guatemala, 27 in Mexico, and 2 in both Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

What did Eta do to Cuba?

HAVANA (Reuters) – Tropical storm Eta pounded central Cuba with torrential rain on Sunday, bursting the banks of rivers and causing flash flooding in some towns before exiting via the island’s northern coast and churning on track to the Florida keys.

Who did Hurricane ETA effect?

In early November, Hurricane Eta crossed Central America and affected an estimated 4 million people across the region as persistent rains and heavy winds resulted in flooding, landslides, and crop damage across Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

How did Hurricane ETA affect Honduras?

Thousands of houses were flooded up to 2 meters, resulting in losses of all the households (HH) assets. The majority of those located along the river Chamelecón were totally destroyed, forcing affected families to relocate. A total of 927 roads were affected, and more than 72 bridges damaged, while 62 were destroyed.