What was the date of the 1967 snowstorm in Chicago?

How many people died in the blizzard of 1967?

1 The Blizzard of 1967 – Midwestern U.S. The Midwestern U.S. has seen its share of snowstorms; the Blizzard of 1967 dumped two feet of snow on the region and killed more than 70 people.

What was the biggest snow storm in Chicago?

Here are the top 10 snowstorms in Chicago history, according to the National Weather Service:

  • 23.0 inches Jan 26-27, 1967.
  • 21.6 inches Jan 1-3, 1999.
  • 21.2 inches Feb. 1-2, 2011.
  • 20.3 inches Jan 13-14, 1979.
  • 19.3 inches Feb. 1-2, 2015.
  • 19.2 inches Mar 25-26, 1930.
  • 16.2 inches Mar 7-8, 1931.
  • 15.0 inches Dec 17-20, 1929.

How much snow fell in the blizzard of 1967?

Snow covered the ground until March 10. At the time, greatest snowfall for a season – The winter of 1966-1967 set the record for Chicago with a total of 68.4 inches. (The record has since been surpassed four times).

What is the most snow to fall in Chicago in just 1 hour?

The huge snowstorm of Jan. 26-27, 1967 — the city’s largest snow event — produced a maximum snow rate of 2 inches per hour during the late morning on the 26th.

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Was there a blizzard in Chicago in 1978?

The 1978-79 New Year’s Eve snowstorm was just one of many that winter that combined to produce Chicago’s all-time snowiest winter, delivering 89.7 inches of snow. … Less than two weeks later the famed “Blizzard of ’79” dumped more than 20 inches of snow on the city from Jan. 12-14, bringing the city to a standstill.

How much snow has Chicago had in 2021?

The city of Chicago was colder and snowier than average, with the city exceeding its typical February snowfall by more than a foot in 2021. According to data published by the National Weather Service, the city saw a total of 21.6 inches of snow between Feb. 1 and Feb. 29, well above the average amount of 9.1 inches.

Has Chicago ever had snow in May?

Snow in May in this part of the nation is not unheard of, but it is rare. The last time Chicago recorded a trace of snow in May was 2004. In and around this region, measurable snow in May seems to occur about once every decade or two depending on how far north or south the location is.