What was the coldest winter in history?

What year was the coldest on record?

The Earth’s lowest temperature was recorded at the Vostok station operated by Russia, -128.6 degrees, on July 21, 1983.

How cold was the big freeze of 1963?

Blizzards, snowdrifts and blocks of ice were commonplace and temperatures dropped below -20°C, colder than the winter of 1947 and the coldest since 1740. In Braemar, Scotland, the temperature plummeted to -22.2°C on 18th January.

What year was the worst winter?

1936 North American cold wave

  • The 1936 North American cold wave ranks among the most intense cold waves in the recorded history of North America. …
  • February 1936 was the coldest February on record in the contiguous U.S., narrowly eclipsing February 1899.

Did the Thames freeze in 1963?

The Thames has completely frozen over in the past, the last time being in January 1963 – the coldest winter for more than 200 years that brought blizzards, snow drifts and temperatures of -20C. … The ice on the Thames was very thin, and not safe to try and walk on.

When was the last time it snowed at Christmas in England?

The last White Christmas in the UK was all the way back in 2010. 83 per cent of stations recorded snow on the ground, the highest amount ever reported. Video Player is loading.

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