What is the most dangerous thunderstorm ever?

What is the most biggest thunderstorm?

Supercells are powerful thunderstorms which form around a mesocyclone, a deep, rotating updraft. At up to several kilometres across, they can last several hours, making them the longest-lasting and largest of all thunderstorms.

Is a Hypercane possible?

A hypercane is a hypothetical class of extreme tropical cyclone that could form if sea surface temperatures reached approximately 50 °C (122 °F), which is 15 °C (27 °F) warmer than the warmest ocean temperature ever recorded.

What is the longest Thunder Rumble?

On June 20, 2007, during a thunder storm in Oklahoma, a lighting bolt streaked across half the state. This is the longest lightning bolt ever recorded, stretching 199.5 miles from outside Tulsa to the Texas border, according to a press release.

Is ball lightning possible?

In the early 2000s the Missile Defense Agency funded the development of a ball lightning weapon that would have the capacity to disable electronic devices and missiles. As of 2020, however, such a weapon does not exist.

How rare is a Cat 5 hurricane?

Category 5 Atlantic hurricanes are rare. Only 7% of the 243 hurricanes observed since accurate satellite measurements began in 1983 have reached that catastrophic intensity.

Will there be a Hypercane in 2022?

On November 12, the low developed into Tropical Depression Twenty-Nine. Afterwards, it explosively intensified into a hypercane just 10 meters off the coast of Louisiana.

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Rating Wind Speeds (mph) Abbreviation
Category 10 Extreme Hurricane 281-299 C10
Hypercane 300-399 HYC
Megacane 400-499 MGC
Infinite Storm 500+ INF