What is the meaning of patchy rain?

What is meant by patchy rain?

Rain that isn’t heavy, or is on and off

It’s the gaps between the periods of rainfall that make it patchy. Think in terms of patches put on jeans that have worn out or torn in various places, eg knees, pockets.

What is the meaning of patchiness?

Definitions of patchiness. unevenness in quality or performance. type of: unevenness, variability. the quality of being uneven and lacking uniformity.

What does patchily mean?

Meaning of patchily in English

in a way that only exists or happens in some parts or situations: Banking services are patchily distributed in the smaller towns.

What is the exact meaning of rain?

(Entry 1 of 2) : water that falls in drops from clouds in the sky. : weather in which there is a lot of rain : rainy weather. : large amounts of rain that fall at a particular time of year.

What does pachy mean?

Pachy- (prefix): Thick. As in pachydactyly (thick fingers), pachydermatous (thick fingers) and pachyonychia (thick nails). From the Greek pachys, thick.

What does patchy mean in medical terms?

1. A small circumscribed area differing from the surrounding surface. 2. A dressing or covering applied to protect a wound or sore.

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What is sedate?

Sedate means to be calm, but if a doctor sedates you it means you’ve been administered a tranquilizing drug. Most surgeries require some form of sedation, but to be sedate in day-to-day life means composed, quiet, and serene. Not necessarily unconscious. … Socially, to be sedate is to be serene, quiet, and composed.

What does spotty connection mean?

Something that’s spotty is uneven or inconsistent, especially in quality. If you can never rely on your internet connection when you’re trying to watch a movie, you can call the connection spotty.

What is the meaning of unevenness?

adjective. not level or flat; rough; rugged: The wheels bumped and jolted over the uneven surface. irregular; varying; not uniform: The book is uneven in quality. not equitable or fair; one-sided: an uneven contest. not equally balanced; not symmetrical or parallel.

What does patchy Blatchy mean?

adjective. /ˈblɑː.tʃi/ uk. /ˈblɒtʃ.i/ If someone’s skin is blotchy, it is covered in marks, usually temporary ones, that are not regular in shape: He’d been crying and his face was all blotchy.

What does parch mean in English?

transitive verb. 1 : to toast under dry heat. 2 : to shrivel with heat. 3 : to dry or shrivel with cold.

What does Propitiously mean?

1 : favorably disposed : benevolent. 2 : being a good omen : auspicious propitious sign. 3 : tending to favor : advantageous.