What is the best weather to snorkel?

What is the best time to go snorkeling?

Time of Day

The more sun penetrating the water, the more colorful everything looks. However, in terms of water clarity during a snorkeling session from shore, it is best to go mid-afternoon. In most locations around the world, this lands somewhere after high slack tide where the tidal currents sit at zero.

Does rain affect snorkeling?

Snorkeling in the rain is definitely possible as long as the weather conditions are comfortable. The rain will only affect the top layer of the ocean, which should be out of your snorkel sight. As soon as clouds arrive and it gets darker, your visibility will decrease, which makes snorkeling in the rain less fun.

Is it better to snorkel at high or low tide?

Snorkeling is best at low tide. Low tides often result in shallow pools, allowing you to have a close and clear view of the marine life. Although the type of tide is important, other factors like wind, rain and currents play an important role as well.

Can you snorkel in thunderstorm?

The thing about tropical places to snorkel is that rain can come and go all the time. … So even though it rains, it won’t last that long. Tropical snorkeling though is much less enjoyable if a tropical thunderstorm is present. They will produce a lot of wind, heavy rain, and lower visibility quite considerably.

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Does rain affect visibility?

Rain affects ability to see through the car windshield. Even with windshield wipers operating, the splashing of rain periodically blocks vision. … Rain also affects visibility by changing the amount of light reflected from the road back to the driver’s eye. Rain makes road delineations, such as crosswalks, less visible.