What is special about thunderstorms in ACNH?

What do thunderstorms do in Animal Crossing?

Because rain is already a weather pattern in Animal Crossing, adding thunderstorms could be a way to expand the different types of wet weather players can experience. Thick storm clouds, heavy rain, and brilliant flashes of lightning could add some excitement to the hot months of summer.

Can there be tornadoes on Animal Crossing?

Within Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players will experience a range of weather throughout their overall gameplay. … However, a natural disaster, such as a tornado or hurricane sweeping across an island’s landscape, may well be just what is needed to reignite the sparks of creativity in ACNH players.

Does snow count as rain in Animal Crossing?

Yes snow basically is the same as rain, so you can still find a coelacanth in it!

Does anything happen during a thunderstorm in ACNH?

During a thunderstorm, the clouds are darker and thicker than usual, and the horizon appears foggier than normal. Rain falls more heavily, and flashes of lightning commonly light up the ground, followed by rumbles of thunder.

Can you catch a Coelacanth on a mystery island?

Mystery islands have higher fish spawn rates so you are able to cycle through fish in the Sea location much faster. Focus your time trying to catch the extra large shadows you see appear in the Sea and eventually you will catch the Coelacanth.

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