What happened to winter Santiaga mom?

How did winter Santiaga end up in jail?

Bullet, a drug dealer from the projects, now wealthy himself, swoops her up, gaining total control of her actions and movements. In the end, she is betrayed by Bullet, who leaves her to take the “fall” for his crimes, and she lands a fifteen year prison sentence.

What is Sister Souljah’s book Life After Death about?

In Life After Death, published last week, Sister Souljah continues to explore the vices that ensnare Winter and materialistic young people like her. The second novel follows Winter to a temptation-packed purgatory where she must surrender the avarice, lust, and ego that have defined her existence.

Is winter Santiaga really dead?

True to Souljah’s insistence on consequences, the sequel begins with a hard shock: Winter is dead, stuck in a purgatory known as the Last Stop Before the Drop, and given one last chance to avoid eternal damnation. “People have said, ‘It’s so unexpected,’” said Souljah.

What happened to winter Santiaga mother?

Winter’s mother is shot in the face by competing drug dealers, the FBI arrest Santiaga and confiscate the family’s possessions. Then, while visiting her father at Rikers Island, Winter discovers her father has a 22-year-old mistress and a baby boy.

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What happened to winter in the coldest winter ever?

Winter’s father is a drug dealer. When he is arrested, Winter must survive on her own. … However, Winter fails to heed Sister Souljah’s advice and gets arrested for transporting drugs in her boyfriend’s car.

Who is Dulce in coldest winter ever?

Dulce Tristamente

This character is the secret mistress of a drug dealer.

Who is Simone in The Coldest Winter Ever?

Simone: Winter’s nemesis. She is initially a coconspirator of Winter’s as they are involved in illegal activities together. She is eventually arrested while pregnant and is angry when Winter turns her back on her.

Is there a sequel to The Coldest Winter Ever?