What gender is the name Rain?

Is rain a name?

The name Rain is a girl’s name of English origin. … Rain also makes a nice nature middle name–Brooke Burke called her daughter Heaven Rain. If you want to embellish this simply spelling (and alter the meaning), you might also consider Raine, Raina, Rainn, Rayne, Reine or Reign, the middle name of Willow Smith.

What girl name means rain?

Reva. A unique name, Reva, is a girl’s name of Hindi origin, which means ‘rain’.

Is Rayne a boy or girl name?

The name Rayne is primarily a gender-neutral name of American origin that means Abundant Blessings From Above.

Is reign a girl name?

The name Reign is primarily a gender-neutral name of English origin that means Rule, Sovereign.

Is storm a unisex name?

The name Storm is primarily a gender-neutral name of American origin that means A Storm.

Is Sky a boy name?

The name Sky is a boy’s name. Sky is an ambigender nature name that was first legitimized as the character of Sky Masterson in the 1950 musical Guys and Dolls, played in the film version by Marlon Brando. … Sky is the name of Sophie’s fiance in Mamma Mia, and there are both Power Rangers and Transformers with the name.

Is Thunder a name?

In English Baby Names the meaning of the name Thunder is: Stormy tempered.

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Whats a good middle name for a girl?

Beautiful, Feminine Middle Names

Amelia Angelou Annabel
Ellen Elodie Eloise
Erin Francis Gwen
Harper Hazel Holly
Irene Iris Ivy

What are the most unique girl names?

Classically Unique Baby Girl Names

  • Arya.
  • Brielle.
  • Chantria.
  • Dionne.
  • Everleigh.
  • Eloise.
  • Fay.
  • Genevieve.