What do you do with an above ground pool after it rains?

Should I drain my above ground pool after it rains?

Should You Drain Water from Your Pool after Rain? … But if you had a major thunderstorm that released a deluge into your pool, to the point where the skimmers aren’t even visible above the water line, and water may even be slopping out onto the deck, then yes. You definitely need to get some of that water out of there.

Do I need to drain water from pool after rain?

If you have a typical rainfall, or even several inches, your pool should be fine, since drains and skimmers are designed to remove the excess water. … If your pool is completely full after a storm or heavy rainfall, you don’t need to take drastic steps such as emptying your pool.

Is rain water bad for above ground pools?

Rainwater is known to have acidic properties that can negatively affect your pool water chemistry balance. This can affect anything from the pH balance to alkalinity levels and more. … Aside from rainwater falling directly into your pool being a bad thing, something even worse can happen.

How do you maintain a pool after it rains?

Cleaning a Swimming Pool After Heavy Rain

  1. Skim the pool to remove excess debris.
  2. Shock the pool and run the filtration system for at least 12 hours.
  3. Test and re-balance pool water. Remove phosphates.
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Do pools overflow when raining?

That answer is pretty simple when you think about it. The pool will only overflow by the amount of rain in excess of the amount of rain needed to fill the pool to the top. … Pools that are empty can “POP” out of the ground, floating like a boat on the groundwater around your home.

Where do I drain my pool water?

The best way to drain the pool is to empty it directly into the sanitary sewer line outside your home. The process is simple but can be time-consuming, depending on how fast you are able to pump the water.

How do you drain water without a pump?

How to Empty a Pool Without a Pump

  1. Place one end of a water hose in the pool. …
  2. Take the other end of the hose to where you want the water to drain. …
  3. Siphon the water out of the pool by placing your mouth on the end of the hose and sucking repeatedly until water comes out.