What do baby rain frogs eat?

What do baby frogs eat in the water?

Froglets, or Baby Frogs, eat small bugs, small fish, and smaller frogs. They may eat crickets, flys, mosquitos, fruit flies, guppies, minnows, small moths, small snails, small worms, tadpoles, and other froglets.

How long can a baby frog go without eating?

Healthy Juvenile Frogs Can Survive Up to 3 Days Without Food

Most froglets or juvenile frogs cannot survive long without food, as they need much more nourishment during this phase of their lives.

What can I feed my Froglets?

The youngsters will graze on algae on the tank and stones. After a couple of weeks, you can give them two or three rabbit pellets or a lettuce leaf (boiled for five minutes and cooled). Feed every three or four days, waiting until all the food is consumed, otherwise it will make the water cloudy.

Can frogs eat bread crumbs?

Yes, tadpoles eat bread crumbs, but this does not mean that they should be fed them.

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