What causes rainfall and snowfall in northern India during the winter season * 1 point?

What causes rainfall and snowfall in northern India during the winter season?

Western Disturbances (WDs) can be called the Indian winter monsoon because they are the major source of precipitation (for both rain and snowfall) for the north Indian region during winters.

What causes winter rain and snowfall in North Western part of India during winter?

A western disturbance is an extratropical storm which starts in the region of the Mediterranean that brings winter rain which is unexpected toward the northwestern parts of the Indian subcontinent. It is non-monsoonal precipitation that is driven by the westerlies.

Which factor is responsible for rainfall in north west India in winter season?

Reasons: The north-western plains of India experience winter rainfall due to the invasion of the western disturbances rising from the Mediterranean sea, steered by the westerly jetstream. As the western disturbances are associated with the cyclonic winds, they bring rainfall.

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Which winds bring rainfall in north India during winter season?

The southern monsoon and northeast monsoon are the two winds that bring rainfall to Indian states in the winter season.

What causes the cold weather season in India?

Answer: The cold weather season begins from the November in northern India and stays till February. … The low pressure systems originate over the Mediterranean Sea and Western Asia and move into India along with the westerly flow. They cause the much needed winter rains over the plains and snowfall in the mountains.

Why does the North West India receive rainfall during winter give any three reason?

(i) Cyclonic disturbances occur from the West and the North-West. (ii) These low-pressure systems originate over the Mediterranean sea and Western Asia and move into India alongwith Westerly flow. (iii) They cause winter rains over Punjab, Haryana and Northern plains.

Why do the northern and north western states of India experience cyclonic disturbances in winters?

The western cyclonic disturbances are experienced in north and north western parts of India during winter season. They are caused due to the westerly winds which flow from west to east between 300-600 latitude.

Why do Northern plains receive winter rainfall?

Northern plains and Punjab plains receives winter rains due to the western disturbances. Explanation: Western disturbance is a storm that originates in the Mediterranean region that beings sudden rainfall to the northwestern part of sub-continent.

What causes winter rainfall name the winds which causes winter rainfall?

In North and north western parts of the country, winter rainfall is caused due to western Depressions.

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