What are the WMO recommendation for rain gauge network in a catchment?

What is the criteria of choosing rain gauge network?

The spot at which rain-gauge is to be installed should be truly representative of the area, of which it is supposed to give depth of rainfall. ADVERTISEMENTS: 2. The rain-gauging station should be easily accessible to the observer at all times.

What precautions should be taken while using a rain gauge?

Precautions to be considered while installing a rain gauge:

  • Do not place a rain gauge under trees or roofs to avoid extra collection of water.
  • Prevent it from any obstruction.
  • Place it on a raised fixed platform to avoid splashing water from entering.

Where should a rain gauge be placed to get reliable information?

In open areas place the gauge top approx. 2 feet off the ground. In developed areas place the gauge top approx. 5 feet off the ground.

What is rain gauge network?

Rain-gauge networks are often used to provide estimates of area average rainfall or point rainfalls at ungauged locations. The level of accuracy a network can achieve depends on the total number and locations of gauges in the network.

What is optimal number of station rain gauge station?

The optimum number should be at least 11, so that 7 ( = 11 – 4 ) additional rain- gauges within the catchment area are required.

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Which rain gauge is mostly used in India?

It’s for automatic whereas for standard rain gauge the non-recording rain gauge is used. SO OPTION C IS CORRECT. This discussion on In India the recording type rain gauge generally used, isa)weighing typeb)tipping typec)float recording typed)none of these. Correct answer is option ‘C’.

What precipitation should be taken while measuring rainfall?

While measuring the rainfall it is required to note that rain gauge should not be inserted totally inside the ground. Rain water should not be lost in the ground. Rain water should not be evaporated.

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