What are the social and economic effects of extreme weather?

What are some social impacts of extreme weather?

Impacts such as rising temperatures and increased frequency of extreme weather events put severe pressure on food availability, stability, access and use.

What are possible social impacts of an extreme weather event in the UK?

The social effects included the flooding of over 600 houses and the evacuation of 16 farms. Villages, such as Borrowbridge, were cut off, and power supplies, roads, and railways were also affected.

What is the social and economic impact of climate change in South Africa?

What are the predicted economic impacts of climate change in South Africa? … Tourism may be affected due to a loss of habitats and biodiversity, and due to changes in temperature, humidity and malaria risk, and represents the biggest potential economic loss since tourism contributes as much as 10% of GDP.

What are the economic effects of global warming?

Global warming will primarily influence economic growth through damage to property and infrastructure, lost productivity, mass migration and security threats. The balance between winners and losers turns increasingly negative as temperatures rise.

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What are the impacts of extreme weather in the UK?

The amounts and frequency of rain will change. Winters will be wetter and summers will become hotter and more prolonged. There will be increased local flooding with more flash flooding occurring. This will result in increased pressure on water resources in the UK.

What are the effects of climate change in South Africa?

Health risks in South Africa that climate change would aggravate over the next few decades include heat stress; vector-borne diseases (such as malaria, dengue fever and yellow fever); extreme weather events; air pollution; communicable diseases (such as HIV/AIDS, TB and cholera), and non-communicable diseases (such as …

How does climate change affect the economy of Africa?

Economic impacts

For scenarios ranging from a 1 °C to a 4 °C increase in global temperatures relative to pre-industrial levels, the continent’s overall GDP is expected to decrease by 2.25% to 12.12%. West, Central and East Africa exhibit a higher adverse impact than Southern and North Africa.

Does climate change have an impact on the economy of South Africa?

The impacts of climate change on overall economic growth are predominately negative, although not large, especially over the next 10-20 years. … On aggregate, climate change has a small impact on the ability to meet water demand, because of South Africa’s well-functioning water transfer network.