What 2 factors determine the rate of weathering?

What are the 2 most important factors that determine the rate at which weathering occurs?

The most important factors that determine the rate at which weathering occurs are the type of rock and the climate.

What are the two factors of weathering?

There are two factors that play in weathering, viz. Temperature and Precipitation. Warm climates affect by chemical weathering while cold climates affect by physical weathering (particularly by frost action). In either case the weathering is more pronounced with more moisture content.

What are 3 factors that can affect the rate of weathering?

Rocks that are fully exposed to the atmosphere and environmental elements, such as wind, water and temperature fluctuations, will weather more rapidly than those covered by ground. Another factor that affects the rate of weathering is the composition of rock.

What are the 4 factors that affect the rate of weathering?

What are the 4 factors that affect the rate of weathering?

  • Mineral Composition. One type of weathering, known as chemical weathering, works at different rates depending on the chemical composition of affected rocks.
  • Type of Lattice.
  • Temperature.
  • Water and Salt.
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What are the factors that influence the rates of weathering and erosion?

Rainfall, heat and moisture are the 3 main factors which affect the rate of weathering and soil erosion. Weathering happens more quickly in hot and wet climates.

What are factors of weathering?

Factors affecting weathering

  • rock strength/hardness.
  • mineral and chemical composition.
  • colour.
  • rock texture.
  • rock structure.

What are the two things that could possibly affect the rate of mechanical weathering?

What Factors Cause Mechanical Weathering?

  • Exfoliation or Unloading. As upper rock portions erode, underlying rocks expand. …
  • Thermal Expansion. Repeated heating and cooling of some rock types can cause rocks to stress and break, resulting in weathering and erosion. …
  • Organic Activity. …
  • Frost Wedging. …
  • Crystal Growth.

What are two rock characteristics that affect the rate of weathering?

Name two rock characteristics and two climatic factors that affect the rate of weathering. Rock characteristics include cracks and mineral composition; climatic factors include temperature and moisture.

What are the rates of weathering?

The weathering rate for rocks depends on the composition of the rock; the climate of the area; the topography of the land; and the activities of humans, animals, and plants. A rock’s composition has a huge effect on its weathering rate. Rock that is softer and less weather-resistant tends to wear away quickly.

What factors affect the rate of erosion?

Major factors that affect the amount of erosion are soil cloddiness, surface roughness, wind speed, soil moisture, field size, and vegetative cover. A discussion of each follows. The cloddiness of a given soil largely indicates whether the wind will erode it.

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