Should I cover tomato plants when it rains?

What do you do with tomato plants when it rains?

Judging the Rain on Tomato Plants

Those that have good drainage will be able to absorb rainwater into the soil to feed the roots and flush away excess water. Gardens or containers that don’t have suitable drainage will end up with tomato plants in the middle of soggy puddles.

Will rain kill my tomato plants?

Usually, one heavy rainfall won’t kill healthy tomato plants in just a matter of days. … Usually, in order for the soil to be wet enough to kill the plants, the soil will have that sour smell.

Will too much rain hurt tomato plants?

Tomatoes are a crop that can suffer several problems related to heavy rainfall that can shorten the harvest period and affect yield. … Be careful if your plasticulture is not permeable to air and water, the heavy constant rainfall may saturate the soil and drown the roots if the soil cannot dry out.

Will tomatoes come back after too much rain?

Even without added dirt, if you can improve drainage, with better weather the plants will likely recover. Too much water on tomato plants – These plants were drowning after heavy rains, but I mounded up compost around their bases to give them dry areas to root.

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