Quick Answer: What to do in Mexico when it’s raining?

Is Cancun still fun if its raining?

You can stay dry all while having plenty fun indoors in Cancun when it rains. … Don’t forget – admission to many of these great rainy day attractions is included with the Go Cancun pass.

What to do at an all inclusive resort when it rains?

How to enjoy a rainy day at an all-inclusive resort

  • Treat Yourself to a Spa Day. A rainy day makes the perfect spa day. …
  • Exercise at the Fitness Centre. …
  • Go Shopping or Hit the Town. …
  • Book an Excursion. …
  • Just Relax. …
  • Embrace It.

When it rains in Mexico how long does it last?

The good news is that it often only rains for 1-3 days and then it is over or there is a shower and then it goes away.

What to do when it’s raining in Playa del Carmen?

9 Things to do in Playa del Carmen when it rains

  • Visit an underground Cenote. …
  • Pamper yourself. …
  • Go to the movies. …
  • Go shopping. …
  • Visit the Frida Kahlo Museum. …
  • Cirque de Soleil Joya. …
  • Rio Secreto. …
  • Visit the 3D Museum.
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How bad is the rain in Cancun?

Cancun usually has the highest risk from hurricanes and tropical storms in September and October. … For Cancun, 16+ days of rain in October is normal (and one of the highest in the region). Most destinations also average about three or four inches of total rain each month, although it varies by season.

Is Xcaret open during rain?

The park opens normally even when its raining, just in case we have a electric storm we close the activities. However if you prefer to rescheduled your visit, please contact us at least 24 hrs and we will assist you.

What if it rains in Cancun?

Get wet in the caves of Yucatan Peninsula

If you don’t know what to do in Cancun when it rains, this place is a top contender. … Aside from the Viator tours, there are also tours in Cancun where you can visit four cenotes in one day and do other activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, and zip lining.

What should I wear in Cancun when it rains?

During the wet season, which stretches from May through October, Mexico gets a lot more rain and stays pretty humid, so you’ll want to add an umbrella to your packing list.


  • Rain jacket.
  • Shorts.
  • Tee shirts and/or tank tops.
  • Sundresses.
  • Clothing for a night out or special occasion.
  • Swimsuit cover-up.
  • Sunglasses.

How bad is rainy season in Mexico?

Mexico has two main climate seasons: rainy (May to mid-Oct) and dry (mid-Oct to Apr). The rainy season can be of little consequence in the dry, northern regions of the country. Southern regions typically receive tropical showers, which begin around 4 or 5pm and last a few hours.

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When it rains in Mexico does it rain all day?

It generally rains in the afternoon and evening and very few days are rainy all day – you can usually plan for some sightseeing or beach fun in the morning, and if it rains in the afternoon you can look for some indoor activities to enjoy.

Does it really rain everyday in Cancun?

there is a possibility it could rain all day. But there’s the probability it will rain for 5 minutes to an hour during the day, or an hour or two over night and sun the rest of the time.