Quick Answer: What months does it snow in Portland Oregon?

Does Portland get snow every year?

Does it snow in Portland? Yes, but not every year — average snowfall is 4.3″ per year. In fact, snow happens so infrequently, I never put my money on it. (The exception being February 2021 — here’s some photos!)

Does it snow a lot in Portland Oregon?

Portland, Oregon gets 43 inches of rain, on average, per year. The US average is 38 inches of rain per year. Portland averages 3 inches of snow per year. The US average is 28 inches of snow per year.

What time of year does it snow in Oregon?

In most mountain areas in Oregon, the ground above 4,500 feet (1,400 m) is covered with snow from December through April.

Does Portland have 4 seasons?

The Pacific Northwest is known for warm, dry summers and cool, wet winters—and Portland is no exception. Compared to Seattle and Vancouver, Portland is both warmer and drier all year round.

Winter in Portland.

Average Monthly Temperature, Rainfall, and Daylight Hours October
64 F
2.7 inches
11 hours

Is Portland cloudy all the time?

Days of partial cloud are more common in Buffalo than in Seattle or Portland.

Most Cloudy Days.

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City Cloudy Days a Year % of Days
Portland, Oregon 296 81
Columbus, Ohio 293 80
Detroit, Michigan 290 79
Miami, Florida 290 79

Is it expensive to live in Portland Oregon?

Not surprisingly, its largest city, Portland, is also one of its most expensive, with a cost of living 17.7% higher than the national average. Somewhat compensating for the high cost of living in Oregon is the higher salary range. … Oregon also has one of the highest state income taxes.

What part of Oregon never gets snow?

Roseburg, nestled in a spur of the western Cascades in the southern part of the state, rarely accumulates snow, and the Pelton Dam area on the Deschutes River near Warm Springs sees fewer than ten inches of precipitation a year.

When was the last time it snowed in Oregon?

Portland – Extreme Daily Snowfall for Each Year

Inches Date Centimetres
4.2 February 20, 2018 10.7
6.5 January 10, 2017 16.5
2.3 December 14, 2016 5.8
0.1 December 27, 2015 0.3

Why is it so cold in Portland?

It’s been colder in Portland thanks to their proximity to the Columbia River Gorge, and the Jetstream has been closer to them giving better opportunities for snowfall.