Quick Answer: How long is rain ps3?

How long is Heavy Rain ps3?

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Platform Polled Main
PC 211 9h 54m
PlayStation 3 680 10h
PlayStation 4 407 10h
PlayStation 5 3 9h

How many hours is rain world?

Rain World has over 3.5 hours of recorded music across 160 tracks. At any given time, between eight and twelve tracks will simultaneously layer to create ambiance and respond to the Slugcat’s in-game context.

How many hours of gameplay does heavy rain have?

A single playthrough should take you around ten hours. The best thing to do upon seeing the credits is to go back and do things differently. This is an interesting game, and one that will be talked and argued about for a long time.

Can Jason live in Heavy Rain?

Quantic Dream has done this numerous times with Heavy Rain. It is also the case of Miroslav Korda and Nathaniel Williams, with similar roles also. Jason is one of the few characters to die non-optionally. … It can be considered strange that Jason died even though Ethan protected him.

Is Rain World a horror game?

Rain World is a survival/stealth/horror hybrid with a metroidvania flair. It’s about embodying the life of a slugcat — a tiny, slightly gelatinous cat/rabbit creature trying to survive in a hostile world.

Is heavy rain scary?

Heavy Rain puts you through a gut-wrenching dismemberment scene. … Joking aside, Heavy Rain has some seriously disturbing moments. The central story — searching for a serial killer and a missing son — is in itself disturbing enough. There are a few things that stand out, however, as a bit tough to stomach.

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How many endings does heavy rain have?

There are 17 different endings available. Watching them requires making different decisions in specific scenes. Seeing all endings is awarded with the All Endings achievement.