Quick Answer: How big was the Terrible Tuesday tornado?

How long did terrible Tuesday last?

At around 6 p.m. on that Tuesday, the mile-and-a-half wide tornado touched down near Memorial Stadium and made its way down Southwest Parkway, leveling large sections of the city. The tornado remained on the ground for about 11 minutes, but the impact of Terrible Tuesday can still be felt by those who lived through it.

What was the worst Texas tornado?

The Waco Tornado on May 11th, 1953 tops the list as the deadliest tornado in Texas since 1900. The violent and deadly twister ripped through the downtown area, killing and injuring hundreds.

What caused the Waco tornado of 1953?

The strongest and deadliest tornado was a powerful F5 tornado that struck Waco, Texas on May 11, causing 114 of the 144 deaths in the outbreak.

1953 Waco tornado outbreak.

The ALICO building looming over the destroyed downtown area of Waco.
Damage ≥$800 million

Does Waco have tornadoes?

WACO, Texas (KBTX) -May has historically been an active severe weather month, especially 68 years ago on May 11, 1953 where a tornado ripped through the heart of Waco. The F5 tornado touched down southwest of the city’s center from high precipitation supercell and barreled right through downtown Waco.

How many people died in terrible Tuesday?

In its wake, 46 people died, 1,700 were injured, and 5,000 homes were destroyed, leaving almost 25,000 residents homeless.

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How big was the Wichita Falls tornado in 1979?

The tornado then destroyed several industrial plants before moving into Clay County just south of TX State Highway 79. The tornado was 1.5 miles wide as it passed through 8 miles of residential area in Wichita Falls. The intense damage averaged between one quarter and one half of a mile in width.

What Texas town was hit by tornado?

Twenty years ago, one of the deadliest storms ever hit the town of Jarrell, Texas. May 27, 1997 forever changed that town. The storm killed 27 people, 13 of them children.